About Us

Yoga has had a profoundly positive impact on our lives. It has enabled us to heal ourselves and encouraged us to live healthier, happier lifestyles. The core principle of yoga is universal: unity. The idea is that all existence is connected and interdependent, and the more our thoughts and actions reflect a recognition of this inherent unity, the more brilliantly the entire system runs.

We at Infinity Crossing are working to make yoga accessible to everyone. The idea is simple: when you treat yourself to any of our wellness services, you directly contribute to bringing low and no-cost yoga to those who need it most. We call this yogis funding yogis.

For now, we’re laying the foundation: teaching yoga classes locally, and sending all of our profit directly back into growing Infinity Crossing and developing our 1% for the ‘Aina program. We all nourish each other. As Infinity Crossing grows, those who can afford to pay for yoga will enable us to provide low to no-cost yoga to those in our community who might feel that yoga is out of their budgetary reach. In this way, we all participate in uplifiting each other.

Further down the road, we envision establishing luxury yoga and wellness retreats in exotic locations around the world, where yogis who can afford to treat themselves can do so while simultaneously funding yoga for those who cannot afford a class, much less travel to a retreat. We also hope to run teacher training community exchange programs, with work-trade and scholarship opportunities for yogis with a calling to teach but limited financial means. Working together, we can bring yoga to inner city schools, at-risk communities, prisons, shelters, and those who are simply struggling to make ends meet but have a burning desire to cultivate a better life for themselves. In this universe, energy is neither created nor destroyed, it only changes forms. With Infinity Crossing, it’s simple: you invest your energy in you, so we can invest it in the community.

Lokah samastah sukinoh bhavantu 

May all beings everywhere be happy & free.


Jean Marie & Scott

 If you’d like to join our team, contribute to our cause, or just want to know more, email us: jeanmarie@infinitycrossing.com.